Whether you're weathering the weather in good spirits or glum, note the weekly forecast and make sure you have plans for April's coveted sunny days. They're there, we swear. 

You've probably been out for an hour or five in the two days of sunshine so far. 

More's coming despite the rains! So it's nobody's fault but yours if you miss out on these elevated events, all taking place in the one and only abandoned railroad track park on a really long bridge. 

You know the one, it's got a million art galleries under it which may or may not exist soon.

According to TimeOut NY, April 22nd's Culture Shock event, includes live music, performances, broadly advertised family fun, and more, more, more. 

More, more, more in this case means music groups like Brooklyn Raga Massive and Chargaux, Comedian Mayzoon Zayid, the personal sharing of Queer Memoir stories and a live version of For Colored Nerds

You're "Out of Line" if you plan on skipping this monthly performance series including Justin Sayre, cabaret master, among others. Cheeky LaSHAE brings you karaoke, and author talks like the upcoming one with Shaun Leonardo are... upcoming.


¡ARRIBA! Latin Dance Party is up next, as an excited mass of dancers, salsa bowl fights, and the head honcho Orland Marin turn the High Line into a new kind of dance floor. It's later on in summertime, so look for the musicians Folklore Urbano and WIlliamsburg Salsa to be inbound, cause that's when it's happening.

MAKE IT! Family Festival Series will be delivering guest speakers, family art and small-scale engineering projects and educational seminars on themes related to the High Line. There'll be an abundance of cultcha on display through interactive storytelling, dance, and music. 

Meditation and Tai Chi, brought to you by The Integral Yoga Institute and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, is happening every Tuesday at 8 AM beginning in June. And at 9:30 AM, Tai Chi with the Taoist Society begins.


Stargazing has never gone out of style, and soon members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York will be leading expeditions to point out all the celestial wonders you've been too preoccupied to look up to lately. That happens every Tuesday as well, but at dusk.

If you just want the cut-and-dry dates and times for everything, check 'em out here.

[Feature Image Courtesy Facebook] [via TimeOut NY]