Breathtakingly Vibrant! Check Out These Wonderful Color Photos of NYC in the 1960s

New York City has been photographed through so many different lenses throughout the decades. 

Whether capturing images of life on the street, the streets themselves, or the people who make up this city, photographs of NYC are always a little snippet of the past in the present.

One photographer who was rather adept at capturing life in the 1960s was Charles W. Cushman. 

His photography is rather different than those of his age in the sense that his photographs were taken in color, rather than in black and white.

Although he passed away in 1972, his photographs taken on a trip to NYC in July 1960 (which were almost thrown away) were digitized by Indiana University.

We're pretty grateful that they made it out alive. NYC never looked prettier. 


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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist] 

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