Wanna Fall Back in Love with Dating? Say Hello to Chappy 💘👨‍❤️‍👨🗽

If you've spent any time navigating the gay dating scene in New York City, you know it's no stroll through Central Park. In fact, it's usually anything but.

From the colorful labyrinth of a bar scene to myriad of dating apps like Grindr and Scruff, dating in the city can often be a world of miscommunications and missed connections.

Until now, that is. 

A brand new way to meet that special guy has just hit the App Store and we're actually pretty excited about it. It's called Chappy, and their aim is to make you “love dating again." And so far, they're doing just that. 

How so, you might ask? Let's explain... 

1. Choose Your Own Adventure

One of the coolest things about Chappy, and what sets it apart from other dating apps, is your ability to choose if you're looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. And for those of you who like being indecisive, you can set yourself right in the middle and see it all.

Plus, you can change this option at any time with a mere finger swipe, because who doesn't like options, amirite? With the ability to filter out the dudes who don't match your preferences, guys already have a better shot at successfully finding the one they're looking for.

2. Know Who You're Talking To

Tired of seeing hundreds of those headless, nameless torsos on your other gay dating apps? You won't see much of that on Chappy because the app connects to your Facebook and verifies that you're a real person—not just a troll collecting pictures.

In a time when someone can be anyone online, having more of a guarantee that the person you're messaging with is actually the person you think they are is a valuable commodity in the age of online dating. Before this app, we honestly weren't sure if it was still possible.

3. Smooth Sailing

The app itself is super-smooth and easy to use. From the first log in, you get just the right amount of pointers needed to get acclimated and then you're free to spread your wings and fly.

Rather than trying to find all the filter settings or clicking through options to connect your Instagram, everything is laid out, plain as day, so that you can quickly set up your profile with ease and get to finding your guy that much sooner.

4. It's Gone Global

Chappy isn't just available in major cities such as NYC, L.A., and Chicago, but it's now live in three countries and recently launched in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada. It gains more members every hour and has millions of swipes each day.

Regardless if you're just traveling alone or actively looking for a vacation fling, Chappy will show you the guys that you're actually looking for, almost anywhere you go this holiday season.

So if you believe in life after love, take a spin on Chappy and see what you might find. Who knows? Someone on the other end might be looking for a guy just like you.

Download the app. Right. Here 

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