Sure, some people like roughing it in the woods. They don't mind sleeping on the hard ground, wiping with a leaf or being eaten alive by bugs. 

Others enjoy their nature in moderation. For those who want enjoy the greater outdoors without dealing with the hassles of actually living outside, there's glamping.

Glamping is exactly what it sounds like. Think of Tom Haverford (aka Aziz Ansari) in Parks and Recreation's camping episode and you'll get the idea.

Worry not, pampered New Yorkers: a new luxury glampsite in the Rockaways is now open for fall reservations.

"Camp Rockaway" is a pop-up glampground just a short walk from the beach. 

Located at Fort Tilden, the site features a communal fire pit and kitchen, picnic area, camp store, hammocks and games. Just outside the site are restrooms and showers.

Here's how it works. The campsite offers three main options: Safari-style "Wall Tents," basic canvas "Herder Tents," and traditional "BYOT" (Bring Your Own Tent) accommodations.

The most luxurious choice is "Wall Tents," for those who don't want to give up the comforts (and electricity) of home. Inside this tent, you'll find a queen-size Casper mattress with Brooklinen sheets, side tables, lights, pillows, towels and cell phone charging station. 

If that wasn't enough, there's also a deck and two Adirondack chairs. It's basically your NYC apartment but cheaper... and probably nicer.


For the economical glamper, there's the more rustic and spacious "Herder Tents" alternative. You'll get two cots atop the same wooden platform, plus side tables and lights. Sadly, linens are not part of the deal so don't forget to, bring your own sleeping bag, pillows, camping mattress, and towels.

Perhaps the most modest of the three options is "BYOT" and closely resembles conventional camping. Basically, you supply everything you'll need, including your own tent.

Oh yeah, and there's all the regular nature stuff too. Beach walks, biking, surfing, birding and nature watching, fishing, hiking and more.


It's all part of a National Park Service pilot program and if successful, could become a permanent offering. 

But book your reservations soon. Camp Rockaway closes November 5th!

[via Time Out][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]