#SadDeskLunch: 8 Worst Types of Terrible Work Lunches in NYC

Everyone who works in an office has long-suffered the sad office lunch.

Is it the sad sandwich you made with stale, possibly molding bread from your cabinet? Is it the sad, cold, leftover pasta you didn't even like at dinner last night?

Either way, the long-endured suffering of bad lunches is about to come to an end.

Caviar delivers steaming hot, flavorful, incredible lunches from some of the very best restaurants in New York City that you wouldn't even expect to deliver to begin with!

How, you ask? Well, because now there's Caviar, and Caviar delivers steaming hot, flavorful, incredible lunches from some of the very best restaurants in New York City.

We're talking The Meatball Shop. Yes, those succulent, round, sometimes spicy meatballs. We're talking Katz's Deli and burgers from Mark Burger.

We're talking about all of the restaurants in the city frequented by foodies, prepared by masters, and now, brought right to your desk, for you, in 30-45 minutes. 

Read on to find out which types of lunches Caviar will rescue you from.

1. The sad desk lunch

alistairfabius There's something strangely comforting with a microwaved melted ham 'n cheese sandwich for lunch #lamelunch #itsfridayandIDGAF

You used to grimace when mom packed you the same turkey sandwich with mustard every day throughout your childhood, and now, well, that's all you can really think of to make for lunch.


You're filled with guilt for complaining about this lunch while you're spreading the mustard and turkey on the whole wheat bread from your childhood, and you hope your roommate doesn't notice you're using her mustard.

When it actually comes time for lunch, you might feel superior because you're saving money, but it's really not filling. 

Like, you knew that turkey sandwich and bag of carrots wouldn't be filling, but you didn't expect you'd be hungrier after lunch than you were before lunch.

2. The lunch you had to wait way too long for

aswooldridge At the 15 minute mark!! Never thought I'd be this excited about getting @chickfila for lunch 😝 #nyclines #friedchicken #notpaleo #workinghard #milkshakes #sweettea #nyccfa

Everyone's been making a huge deal about the chicken sandwich place near your office, so you slip out during your lunch break, wait in a monstrously long line, and place your order. Then, you wait for your food. 

And you wait. Then, you wait for your food some more.

Before you know it, you've been waiting for your food for a half-hour before they finally call your name. You have to wolf down your food and book it down a few blocks back to the office.

If you had ordered your lunch from Caviar, it would have been too delicious for you to even stand, and it would've been hot and in front of you in 30-45 minutes. 

You wouldn't have even had to leave work. So, will you make this mistake again? We hope not.

3. The underwhelming free work lunch

85btm Suck it up today and you won't need to suck it in tomorrow.... #lamelunch #stillsucks #watermelon #tasteslikesad #quinoa #hummus #fitmama #stillwantthatpizza

The management at your office makes the grand announcement: today, at work, there will be free lunch.

You almost knock over your computer, you're so excited. You might even stand up and cheer. 

Then, lunch time comes and you troop to the kitchen, and you see that the "free lunch" is some wilted lettuce, cold rice, cherry tomatoes, and goat cheese. Okay, goat cheese is delicious, and so are cherry tomatoes, but this is hardly the free lunch you were hoping for.

You were picturing triumphant piles of cheeseburgers and mountains of free French fries. So the cold tofu over even colder rice you're offered doesn't exactly thrill you.

4. Leftovers

noblepigcook #leftovers from the week

You went out to dinner last night, and you ordered some really, really spicy noodle dish that you couldn't power through. You ate about half of it, but like a good, economically responsible person, you got that dinner boxed up and took it home.

You actually remembered to bring it to work, so when it came time for lunch, you were excited, and you were imagining something really amazing.

Then, you remembered you didn't exactly enjoy the dinner last night. It's even worse reheated, only hot on the edges, and it's even spicier in the light of day, but hey, at least you didn't have to pay extra money, right?

5. Vending machine lunch

binah_cochran My lunch for the day bc my class ran over into my lunch break :/ ugh the life of a college kid. And you wonder why kids blow their weight up when they hit college :'D lolz #lunch #drwham #cheezits #lamelunch #collegelife

You were so busy today. You were caught in the perfect storm of grueling, pointless meetings, and handling the workload of your co-worker who conveniently took a vacation after calling out sick all last week. 

All you had time to eat was a can of Coke, a bag of chips, and some peanut M&M's (because, protein, right?) from the office vending machine. You shoved them in your mouth while typing, spilled soda on your keyboard, and your whole workspace just feels greasy. 

If that isn't a sad lunch, we don't really know what is.

6.  Over-priced salads

akamyborba I'll eat the strawberries first, of course πŸ‘ŠπŸ“πŸ“ #overpricedsalad #saladbar #splurged #decky

Okay, we're not going to call out any specific salad places, but we'll just say the places in question might rhyme with Bale and Shmarty and Fust Malads. 

Anyway, you get salads from these places when you're feeling like being super healthy. When you want all your vegetables twirled into fresh, crunchy, ice berg lettuce.

Odds are, you might even wind up frequenting these salads joints multiple times a week, because you're always stressed about being healthy.

The real question, though, is why are you paying $13 for lettuce. Isn't lettuce mostly water?

7. The under-delicious lunch

nameisbond007 This #soggy freezer burned #flavorless veggie bowl of death πŸ’€ Accompanied with room temp grease snot covered bird mush, cost me 10$ bucks at #brownschicken . I never thought that people in #northkorea would be eating better than me. #shitsnack #lamelunch #foodhorror #foodcorpse #noflavor #foodmistake #neveragain #jokesonme

You finally decided to try that buffet-deli situation next door to work.

It definitely seems confused about whether it's a buffet or a deli, but it's got a lot of choices, so you decided to dive in. 


Did you know you'd have to eat fatty chicken nuggets? That your pasta would be cold and watery? That your entire lunch would be completely subpar?

Well, if you did, you would have ordered with Caviar, wouldn't you?

Caviar is stocked with some of the most incredibly delicious, mind-blowingly fresh food options in NYC. They've got mac and cheese from Beecher's Handmade Cheese for the cheese connoisseur.

They've got incredible pasta from Bar Primi and steamed buns like you've never had from Baohaus.

Our point being: don't eat from the lame, un-delicious buffet near work. You deserve better than that.

8. Overzealous intern-bought lunch

beloved_hjgrace The best hangover breakfastπŸ˜† 4 #bigmacs . . #hangover #bigmac #mcdonalds #grace_fr

Your poor, over-eager intern decided to buy lunch for the entire office.

Guess what? Of course that intern bought a lunch you don't like. You love most foods, but the one thing you can't stomach is McDonald's.

What did the over-eager intern do? You guessed it. They bought Big Macs for the whole office. They bought 15 Big Macs.

Now, you're faced with the conundrum. Do you just eat the Big Mac to make that intern feel good about that exorbitant purchase? Or do you instead rescue your stomach from Big Mac doom?

Only you can make that decision, young Jedi.

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