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Get in My Belly: 9 Best Foods You Didn't Even Know You Could Get Delivered in NYC

Attempting to cook in New York City can be rough. Your kitchen was just not made to be used, to be honest. 

While it might be functional, the layouts of most of NYC's apartments don't offer any real value. It's simply there.  

Caviar is the app that's delivering legit gourmet dishes from your favorite restaurants right to your door or desk.

You don't have to settle for unhealthy, crappy food.

With Caviar, you can order everything from ice cream to quail to cheese platters. 

Caviar is the app that's delivering legit gourmet dishes from your favorite restaurants right to your door or desk.

All you need to do is check out their app, put in some basic info, and boom! You're ready to order from Caviar's astounding selection of restaurants. Caviar doesn't believe that settling for delivery is settling. Good. We don't think you should ever settle. 

If you ever thought you had to settle for pizza to get a meal delivered to your door, read on. Here are 9 incredible foods you never knew you cold get delivered.

Bagel with lox 


How many times have you woken up late and been forced to skip breakfast just to get to work on time? 


You basically count down the minutes until it's socially acceptable for you to take a lunch break or scarf down any rogue candy bars in the vicinity of your desk. 

But did you know you could have a delicious, quality breakfast delivered directly to your office? 

Yep, Black Seed Bagels delivers their signature sandwiches through Caviar. 

You can order your favorite bagel topped with lox, dill spread, radish, and sprouts, to keep you focused until dinner. 



Asian food has always been a go-to for easy delivery, but never ramen. It's tough to deliver a bowl of something that is so cautiously prepared and meant to eat immediately. 

Somehow, Ramen-Ya has revolutionized the ramen delivery game, offering a selection of ramen for delivery. But only through Caviar. 

Ice cream

Ever wish you could get ice cream delivered directly to your door? 

Maybe the person you thought was the one dumped your ass faster than yesterdays coffee. You don't want to leave your apartment, but you sure as hell know that some ice cream would make the situation more bearable

Enter Ice & Vice, where you can order a pint of one (or two) of their incredible ice cream flavors like their "Milk Money," with toasted milk and sea salt chocolate ganache delivered to your door. 

Boom! breakups made easy. 


We love pancakes, but sometimes they just don't cut it. When we need the big boys, we call in Creperie. Do you really want to go all the way down to the Lower East Side for a crepe? Probably not on the reg, but now you don't even have to leave your house. 

We're ordering the "s'mores" crepes with crushed graham crackers, french milk chocolate, and marshmallows. Is it irresponsible to eat that for dinner? Eh, who really cares? 



Stuck in a jam and need a few dozen doughnuts but can't get to a bakery anytime soon? You can have orders of 6, 12, 25, or more doughnuts delivered right to your door or office. 

What about 300 doughnuts? Surely there's no way you can have 300 doughnuts delivered to your door in a matter of hours? 

Actually, with the help of Doughnuttery, you can have them with only two and a half hours notice. Just be sure to invite us. 

Cheese platters 


Your in-laws are flying into NYC tomorrow, but you're stuck in meetings until you have to pick them up from the airport. Unfortunately, you have nothing in your fridge. Don't panic. 

Just check out Murray's Cheese Shop, now delivering through Caviar, and you can have one of their cheese platters delivered with 24 hours notice.

Not stuck entertaining but seriously love cheese? We challenge you to eat a whole platter in one weekend. Challenge: accepted. 

Fish & chips 


You didn't know you could get fish and chips delivered? Guess what? You can. But not just any old fish and chips (because who wants something so boring?). 

Get the fish & chips from The Winslow to try a bronx beer battered piece of skate wing (almost like a stingray) with french fries. 



Sometimes you just need pie. We don't judge, we understand the struggle is real.


You might have a good reason for pie: dinner party where you totally forgot to pick one up on the way home, insurmountable sadness from a bad experience you had with a cobbler-- why isn't there crust on the bottom?! 

Or not. Don't worry. 

You don't need a good reason to get a pie from Petee's Pies. With an otherworldly blueberry pie and an incredibly decadent chocolate chess pie, Petee's Pies has the pie game on lock and everybody else can just go on home. 

Best thing is that now you can get pies delivered because Caviar now delivers Petee's Pies. Fruit, nut, cream. We don't discriminate. We'll take one of all, thank you very much. 


Think you need to go out to some fancy restaurant for a taste of the elusive quail? You'd be wrong. You can enjoy your first taste of the delicacy from the comfort of your own home. 

Try the crispy quail from Finders Lane, served with roasted baby heirloom carrots and a tahini dressing. Dinner anyone?

Hungry? Check Out Caviar for Yourself Right Here.

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