Say goodbye to smelly fishing trips!

Zaou, a Japanese restaurant coming soon to Chelsea, allows you to catch your fish while sitting in the restaurant. 

With about ten different types of fishes swimming around the restaurant, once you catch the fish of your liking, it will be cooked by Zaou chefs which ever way you want it. 

Sounds surreal right? 

Guests will be able to catch their dinner on the first two floors of the restaurant, while the third floor features regular dining, in case you're not too keen on working so hard for your meal. They'll be serving up sushi, as well as seafood dishes.

We know what you're thinking, when can we visit this amazing place? 

Zaou will be located right in the heart of Chelsea on 152 West 24th Street! 


Only thing is, the tentative opening date is early 2018. Bummer.

Until then, it's time to sharpen up your fishing skills!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Eater NY] 

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