Brrr, it’s colder than usual this week. 

And judging from the weather, it may not be much better for a while. It’s times like these when we usually forego trips to the cinema, and wait for the warmer months to arrive, wishing for warm climate while we Netflix and chill.

...Chill as in literally cold, not in the fun way.

But what if I told you that you can have a warm atmosphere and a kickass movie night... for free?

Now you can, at Battery Park City’s Brookfield Place.

The magical nostalgia of warmth and the big screen, called the "Pictures Under the Palms" starts February 28th. Meaning that you get the feeling of being at the beach without waiting for six months.

According to TimeOut NY, attendees can enjoy the movie experience under palm trees, with a well received line-up of movie hits like:


Guardians of the Galaxy (February 22th)

Midnight in Paris (March 1st)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (March 8th) - We're not sure if the film will be subtitled or dubbed in English. 

The last film will be chosen by the crowd on March 15th. The choices are Romeo x Juliet, O Brother, Where Art Though, and Moonrise Kingdom. Vote for your fave here!

Admission, like we said, is FREE, with popcorn being provided by the venue for earlybirds. All films start at 7 p.m., leaving you plenty of time to consider the mall's extensive dining options.


We can't wait to see you guys there.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy]