Classy AF: You Can Win a 3-Night Stay at This Gorgeous Luxe Palace in Venice?!

Be honest, how many years in a row has your New Year's resolution been to have more adventures?

Like most promises we try to make ourselves (ugh, that gym membership was such a bad idea), it's a looooooot easier said than done.

But wait, we might be able to help you out a little bit there. 

We're working with our buds over at The Wanderfull, Hungry Root, Word of Mouth, COOLS, Shoulders of Giants, and The Guestbook to send you to Ca'Sagredo Hotel, in the beautiful city of Venice, for three nights.

In addition, you'll receive $750 towards airfare (skooooooo!), so you won't have to worry about too much else besides packing.

A stay at Ca'Sagredo Hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The 15th century palace, which has been declared a National Monument, is also conveniently located minutes away from St. Mark's Square, the main museums, and the best fashion boutiques.


But really, you don't have to wander very far to experience Venice's beauty. Their five ballrooms are a rare chance to experience the luxury of a XV Venetian palace, and each of the hotel's 42 rooms and suites are fitted with classic Venetian stylings.

The hotel is also an art lover's paradise. The Sagredo family included many art collectors and their collections of stucco works, sculptures, books, and printings are scattered throughout the palace for guests to discover.


Their restaurant, L'Alcova, features a gorgeous panoramic terrace on the Canal Grande, where you can enjoy traditional Venetian cuisine, and a carefully curated wine list, while overlooking the waterfront, and Rialto Market.

This is the ultimate chance to make some new memories to replace all your sh*tty 2016 ones. We feel like 2017 is your year, don't you? 

Enter to win the ultimate Venetian experience, right here.

[Feature Image Courtesy Hotel-R] 

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