Hipsters. We all know a few.

And if you live in Brooklyn, you definitely know more than a few. You might even be one yourself (though you'll never admit to it). 

As New Yorkers, we've been trained to recognize the trademark hipster characteristics - tattoos, mustaches, beanies.

They're often spotted with a craft beer in hand or disinterested look in their eye. But this is hipsters like you've never seen them. 

Artist Matt Lassen has reimagined our favorite classic cartoon characters as Brooklyn hipsters. It's everything we never knew we needed.

Bart with a handlebar mustache, Spongebob with oversized glasses, and Shaggy with a Scooby tattoo across his chest are just a few of the details from Lassen's hilariously brilliant collection.

Check out the rest below! 


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[via Viewing NYC] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]