Since April, we’ve had a pretty big corned beef and pastrami withdrawals in Upper Manhattan. Oh, why? you’re wondering.

The quick answer is due to the fact that Carnegie Deli was forced to close its doors due to an illegal gas connection.

The long answer is that the owner, Marian Harper Levine, and manager, Sandy Levine, were locked in a nasty divorce bedecked with cheating scandals, recipe theft, and waitress mistresses.

And it gets worse. Yes, on top of that, they were hit with a $2.5 million settlement over wage theft.

So, in summary, gas stealing, divorce, and wage theft are the reason why we can’t have our pastrami on rye with mustard. #hangry. Get it together, Levines!

It seems like our hangry, pastrami-deprived disposition will soon come to a joyful, delicious end because the restaurant is showing positive signs of life.

The inhabitants above the famous deli, who have been without gas since Con Edison turned it off in April, recently received heat and hot water over the holidays. Yes, that’s what you might call a Christmas miracle.


In addition, cleaners have been seen entering the building, indicating that the upgrades to the building’s pipes, which was a requirement along with fines for stealing gas, are complete.

The real glimmer of hope? A spokesperson for the deli confirmed that Con Edison okayed the new gas connections, indicating that we may get our corned beef again soon.

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[via GrubStreet] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]