Save Your Sweet Tooth: New York City's Best Confectionaries 🍫🍬🍭

Confections, candy, chocolate, and childhood dreams. Four delightful “c” words that will have anyone with a sweet tooth at the edge of their seat. Make your wildest dreams come true and try something new whether it be a casserole marshmallow or old-school favorites. Hit up these sweet places for your next sugar rush!

From old school classics to modern day treats, find your next favorite Satisfy your sugar cravings and embrace your inner child at these unique and creative candy stores.

Brooklyn Floss (70 N 7th St, Brooklyn)

Experience the nostalgic transformation of granulated sugar to “fluffy, sticky delight” at Brooklyn Floss.

The all natural artisan-made cotton candy is currently offered in 24 flavors. Ranging from fruity flavors such as grapefruit, pina colada, and pineapple to some holiday classics like eggnog, gingerbread, and pumpkin spice, any taste palate is sure to be satisfied at this cotton candy-lover’s paradise.

Chocolate Works (110 Montague Street, Brooklyn)


Take a trip to the “Sweetest Place on Earth” for some Belgian chocolate, dipped delights, or chocolate with flavors of all sorts. Chocolate covered oreos? Chocolate covered s’mores? Chocolate covered cinnamon bun pretzels? Whatever sweetness you’re in the mood for, Chocolate Works has got you covered.

In addition to their delicious in-store selection of truffles such as cupcake and red velvet, they deliver sweet gifts for a special someone as well.

Mitchmallows (117 W 17th St, Manhattan)


Marshmallows aren’t just for s’mores and hot chocolate– at least not at this sweet place!

The fat and gluten free marshmallows at Mitchmallows come in just about any flavor or combination you can imagine.

Missing home? Enjoy a casserole in the form of a marshmallow with the sweet potato vanilla flavor.

Some of their other crazy flavors include fluffernutter, merlot mallows, mom’s apple pie, pretzels & beer, wine & cheese, churros, ginger wasabi, eggnog, and pumpkin pie.

Stick with Me Sweets (202 A Mott St, Manhattan)


Get ready for a world of  decisions.

With the most beautiful color combinations and designs, these bonbons are both breath-taking and delicious.

The bonbons are hand-shelled and take several days to make. The creamy fillings, which are locally sourced, gently ooze out of the shell with the first bite. The outsides, which are polished individually, ensure that the bonbons retain their shine.

Explore the endless options of designs and combinations Stick with Me Sweets has to offer.

Philip’s Candy (8 Barrett Ave, Staten Island)


Coney Island’s oldest candy shop, Philip’s Candy remains a favorite for years to come.

From Coney Island to Staten Island, this sweet shop serves a variety of treats depending on the season, but they’re best known for their candied apples, buttery fudge, and pink candied popcorn. 

Head over to Philip’s for an old school sugar rush with classics like fudge, saltwater taffies, cotton candy, caramel apples, and a little something for the pooch as well!

Sweethaus (135 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)


Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, Sweethaus recently opened a brand new shop in the heart of Brooklyn.

This candy shop offers both deliciously handmade cupcakes and nostalgic candy like wax bottles, candy necklaces, candy cigarettes, gummy cola bottles, and candy buttons.

All their cupcakes are baked small-batch and made lovingly by hand and come in two sizes– mini and regular.

This cupcake shop will be your go-to for your next sugar craving.

Economy Candy (108 Rivington St, Manhattan)


Formerly a shoe and hat repair shop with a candy pushcart outside the store, Economy Candy took a drastic turn during the Depression.

When the Depression hit in the 1930s, the candy cart outside started bringing in more business than the shoes and hats themselves.

In 1937, the business officially transformed into Economy Candy. Since then, the store has offered both old-time and modern-day favorites. Bring back the candy buttons, PEZ, and Abba Zaba bars!

The Sweet Life (63 Hester St, Manhattan)