Though this appetizer seems like the perfect accompaniment to a long-awaited sports game or a fun night on the town, the days of our care-free and low cost munching may finally be coming to an end.

Wholesale prices for chicken wings have already risen by more than a third, spelling imminent disaster for restaurants that specialize in it with out an accordant increase in menu prices.

What're we supposed to eat during the game now?

The shortage has already led all-star chain Buffalo Wild Wings to end its long running Tuesday half-off wing special, offering instead, deals on the less expensive and less satisfying boneless "wings" and other "Shareables" like popcorn shrimp and mini-corn dogs.

The rise in prices is also credited with driving up BWW's overhead costs up enough to depress its earnings by 60 percent this quarter. Rival Wingstop seems to be suffering similar struggles, paying 11% more on its own overhead costs.

As the football season commences and with it, demand increases, this worrying trend is only expected to exacerbate. 

So if you've been craving some of America's favorite savory, saucy snacks we recommend getting your fix sooner rather than later– your wallet will thank you!

[via Grubstreet] [Feature Image Courtesy Tablespoon] 

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