It's a Christmas Miracle! Grand Central Terminal's Hidden 1920s-Style Bar Will Be Open on Christmas Day!

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For the first time ever, The Campbell Apartment, a small cocktail lounge hidden in Grand Central Terminal, will be open on Christmas Day. 

Though it was originally an office space and entertainment area for John W. Campbell, a railroad tycoon, he never actually lived there. 

This space was equipped with a piano, pipe organ, butler, and safe hidden in a fireplace. 

Following Campbell's death in 1957, the room fell into disrepair until it was carefully restored and reopened in 1999.

Well, that cocktail lounge will now be open on Christmas Day.

Of course, it is rumored that Campbell's ghost still haunts his old entertainment space due to reports of unexplained gusts of air, sounds, and mysterious movements of objects. 

Regardless, we're dying (no pun intended) to dress up in proper attire (no ball caps, t-shirts, or sneakers), and drink a "Prohibition Punch" with Campbell's ghost on Christmas day. 

Check out some the best snapshots of the tucked away Campbell Apartment, and then make sure you head out there on Christmas day if you've got to drink away the stresses of family. 

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