The 2017 Natural Curl Fest is back, and curly girls everywhere are rejoicing!

They're an epic festival filled with music, food,  and of course, hundreds of curling products.

It'll be all  based on the beauty of women's natural hair, shining light on embracing different hair textures and the beautiful outcome of it.

Don't worry,  New Yorkers, you definitely have enough time to get your hair and colorful fits ready for this event.

This year, Natural Curl Fest will be on July 15th in Brooklyn's own backyard, Prospect Park.

If you haven't already snatched your early bird ticket, don't worry, the general admission tickets are only 20 bucks! 


Whether you're wearing your hair in a updo, a protective style, or you're freeing the fro, this is a festival that you won't want to miss. 


See you there, curly girls!

[Feature Image Courtesy Ebena] 

[via Bronze Mag] 

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