4:20 just got a whole lot better. Rather, more delicious. 

Now, we're all about some munchies, but in New York City we're relegated to drunk munchies because nobody's yet done what we've found elsewhere. 

Stoners rejoice: there is now a new restaurant dedicated exclusively to stoner-themed foods.

And although it seems like the most American thing to happen, the restaurant, appropriately called D'Munchies, is unfortunately only open in Australia (for now, at least). 

The menu will feature deliciously intriguing foods like pepperoni-pizza pretzel hot dogs, as well as more questionable items such as crispy-pumpkin ravioli nachos. Not really sure where they're going with that one.

But nonetheless, the establishment is sure to be popular amongst a certain demographic (or some very lost and confused tourists). 

D'Munchies also opens at 4:20 p.m. as their special opening hours, which really drives home the theme of the restaurant. 


And in case that (along with the name of the restaurant and menu items) doesn't tip you off on D'Munchies' prerogative, there's plenty of marijuana-leaf decor throughout the space to help reinforce it.


The real question here, though, is does D'Munchies hold a candle to Taco Bell when it comes to go-to stoner cuisine?

Only time will tell. 

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[via First We Feast] [Feature Image Courtesy SBS]