Your phone is at 4% and you're on the bus.

The poor thing is not going to be DOA when you get to your outlet at home. Time to start making a shroud out of tissues and planning its funeral.

But, wait! You're on a bus! A bus in 2016! There is hope on board this bus. You can save it. You must save it. You can release deaths grip from your only friend on this bus.

The MTA is rolling out its first fleet of buses with Wi-Fi and USB ports so you don't have to make awkward eye contact with anyone anymore.

You stand up with your charger in hand and see the USB port. 

You miss the first three or four times because you're on a bus, and no matter how great the tech gets in it, the road is still the same lumpy mess.

The phone makes a feint chime. Almost like a sore cough and glow of green washes across your face. Is that a smile? On the bus? Well, that's a first too.

Now, stream! Stream like you never streamed before! Stream it all! There is Wi-Fi on board this bus! Make sure to stream Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!


This is a future that looks so promising. The MTA currently has seven of these phone-saving buses on the road already with another 68 to follow in the summer and so far Queens is the only place to catch them.

Governor Cuomo told DNAInfo, “Today, we are reimagining the MTA for the 21st century and creating a transit system that will meet the needs of the next generation of New Yorkers.” 


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Well, this is a start. A damn good one at that.

Now, we just hope you don't miss your stop because of all this new excitement. Kidding. There are other things worth worrying about. New Yorkers with fully charged phones running into one another? That's just another one. Thanks, Cuomo. 

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