#Sacrifice: We Just Had Hawaiian Poke Burritos for Lunch So You Don't Have To

Since the Chipotle health crisis implosion, most of us have curtailed our burrito intake, while remaining ever watchful for something to fill that void. 

Have no fear, New Yorkers, because your new favorite lunch item has finally hit the streets of New York City. 

Ever wonder what happens when you combine poke with a burrito? Well, you get what you would hope to be one of the most delicious rolled culinary creations since the burrito. 

Yes, that's high praise for high expectations. It's not the sushirito, which is essentially just a very fat, handheld sushi roll. It was supposed to be more. 

NYC restaurant scene newcomer, Pokéworks, introduced the city to this seemingly brilliant combination with their pokiritto: a mesh of proteins, toppings, sauces, all wrapped up in white rice and a seaweed wrap. 

If you're looking for lunch, you might want to head there fast, as Pokéworks has been struggling to accommodate the rush for one of NYC's hit food trend. 

As of right now, lines have been down the street, with a limit of four pokirittos per person. 


So, what did we think of the Pokéworks' pokiritto? 

Well, in one word... underwhelming. 

After excitedly anticipating the mix of poke, seaweed, rice, and toppings for fifty-five minutes on the sidewalk directly outside of Pokéworks, we were wildly disappointed that the first bite did not alter our sense of reality. 

We love poke, we love sushi, and we love burritos... but we're not so sure the pokiritto lives up to the hype. 

The definition of poke is literally chunks. Sure, the fish was cut into cubes, but the fish itself does not seem to follow the traditional preparation. 


Traditional Hawaiian poke consists of chunked tuna marinated in soy and sesame with added accompaniments, so we're having a hard time wrapping our heads around whether or not this can actually be deemed poke. 

Why? From what we ate, we're pretty sure that the fish was not marinated for any period of time. 

From what we'd been led to believe about their poke, we didn't receive what we thought we were paying for. Instead, we basically waited in line for a sushirrito. 

There's no glaring differentiation between the Pokéworks pokiritto and a sushirrito. We were hoping for a burrito made with marinated fish, but in a fast casual atmosphere similar to Chipotle, it doesn't seem like there's enough time to allow for traditional methods of preparation. 

Maybe if there wasn't an hour-long line, we'd consider this a feasible lunch option for a relatively healthy meal, but for now, it's a hard pass. Check out our snapchat (username: spoiledNYC) to get some classically disappointed first-bite reactions.

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