#HaveItYourWay: Burger King's Latest Monstrosity Is Fried Mac 'n Cheese Covered in... Cheeto Dust!?

Remember when you were a kid and you used to take two of your favorite foods and crammed them together in your mouth hoping it was gonna be double the awesome? 

Well, if you did that now, you might not get yelled at. Better still, you might even make a splash in the latest food trend. Fusing food is crazy popular right now and we have already seen some pretty crazy fusions. 

We've seen the Everything Doughnut, Sushi Burrito and soon we will get Reese's Piece's inside Reese's CupsThis latest one is sure to make stomach grumbles from either hunger or nausea.

Burger King has announced deep fried mac and cheese covered in Cheetos cheese powder.

The "Mac n' Cheetos" debuts on Monday and goes on for eight weeks or until they run out of that Cheetos powder. 

Of course, if they're running low, they could always just scrape it from the fingers of anybody eating Cheetos because it seems like that sh*t never comes off. 

Customers will be able to get a five-pack of the newest food fusion for $2.49.

With all these culinary clashes, you can't help but wonder what happened to the simple things. Mac and cheese spots in this city are incredible enough already. Do we really need them to get on this trend too? 

What's the point? Why? If they really wanted to screw us up, they would have gotten to us earlier! Like purple ketchup did. 


We imagine that Burger King really, REALLY, wanted this to debut this Frankenstein food around late April to attract the people who really love those kind of insane "comfort foods."

Well, trends are trends. They come and go. Maybe once we're done wiping off the Cheeto dust on our friend's couch like a savage, the newest trend will be returning to the basics.

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[via Bloomberg] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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