The Big Apple is apparently the perfect place for oversized things. 

Between the giant orchids near central park, to the giant statues of bagels last summer, and who could forget the giant rubber duck in Long Island? 

In the typical larger-than-life theme, New York City will soon be home to super-sized bunny rabbits as they stop along their four-city national tour. 

Apparently, we should now call those inflatable internally lit Christmas decorations "art," because these bunnies, entitled "Intrude," are of the same construction, sewn with white nylon. 

They will be at Brookfield Place from April 17th until April 30th... because nothing says spring like giant, inflatable, white rabbits. 

NYC will get two of Australian artist Amanda Parer's giant, two-story high bunnies, though there are 17 in her entire collection. 

Look, we're not artists, nor do we really understand some pieces of art, but we're having a hard time with this one. 

According to Gothamist, vice president and artistic director of Arts Brookfield, Debra Simon, stated that the "larger-than-life rabbit sculptures are a visually arresting social commentary." 


Parer hopes that the bunnies will make people reflect on "how our actions impact the environment."

Or, they're just inflatable giant bunnies in the middle of our concrete jungle. Seriously, are we missing something here? 


There's something visually arresting about giant bunnies, but what's really to ponder? Rabbits are adorable. Except for Watership Down. That sh*t was terrifying. Ohhhhh... maybe that's what this is. 

Everybody: Go read Watership Down. Or Animal Farm. Who knows? Is this reading required to understand "Intrude?" Probably not, but then again, if we're having a hard time cementing the true impact of this art, it's understandable thousands of other people are as well. 

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]