Williamsburg gets everything!

But seriously, they're already home to Smorgasburg, some of the best pizza around, and now they're even getting their very own Whole Foods

Okay, save for that last one, we're pretty jealous. You can keep your overpriced grocery chain. 

Now, because God hates us, there's a massive and equally massively awesome food & design market coming to Williamsburg in July? It's just not fair.

Bulletin Market will be a pop-up food and design vendor, dishing out the some of the best eats, and boasting some of coolest accessories, beauty products, textiles, and more for you to add to your humble collection.

This market launches on Saturday, July 9th, and will run every Saturday from 11 a.m to 7 p.m until the end of August.

This poppin' market will feature food trucks from some of our favorite digs, like Luke's Lobster, and Melt Bakery.

Plus, there'll be a live DJ to spin some tunes while you chow down in between shopping binges.


The operators of the event, Alana Branston and Ali Kriegsman, described the market as having a more chill, block-party type of vibe.

We can definitely get down with block party vibes, especially when they include lawn games in between snazzy Brooklyn beers.


While the Bulletin Market will have to compete with similar types of massive markets, such as NYC's Grand Bazaar, its unique location and flare definitely sets it apart from the competition.

If you ever (somehow) grow bored of Smorgasburg, head down to the Bulletin market - and get down with delicious eats, and awesome shopping finds.

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[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Pulsd]