We're Screaming For This Bubble Tea Ice Cream

You love bubble tea. And obviously, you love ice cream. 

But now, the uber-trendy drink and classic creamy dessert have finally joined forces at Nolita's Bar Pa Tea.

Their unique sweets are worthy of the store's punny name, starting with Oolong or Black Tea flavored ice cream.

Head on over to at 85 Kenmare Street for this drool-worthy treat. They've got you covered with toppings like boba bubbles, cookie crumbs, and honey wheat twists. Or, you can use the soft-serve to upgrade one of their tasty teas into a float.


For this most perfect snack time union, we can thank former shipping industry salesman and Taiwanese native Patrick Yeh. He began his project to bring his own spin on a favorite childhood drink to NYC with Pa Tea's first location in Chinatown in 2013. 

A second location quickly made its way to Union Square, and Bar Pa Tea itself was established in 2017 to focus on a more natural approach to the comforting beverage.This means their tasty offerings are additive-free and made with pure cane sugar (not icky corn syrup).


And if ice cream just isn't your thing, it still might be worth swinging by to enjoy a wholesome, out-of-this-world drink like a brown sugar oolong or matcha green tea latte. You can order these with soy or almond milk as well as dairy and with a customized sugar level, so you can find something awesome, whatever your quirks. 

So feel free to stick to your boring standby tea shop — but if you wanna take things a step further and Pa Tea like it's your birthday, this is the perfect place to do it.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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