We can’t seem to get enough of these rooftop bars  here in New York City, and we found another one that’ll keep you toasty in the chilly weather.

It’s not a yurt this time, though. It’s bubbles. Again.

That’s right! The Bubble Igloos are back at Bar 54!

At the restaurant in Hyatt Centric Times Square, you can once again hang out in igloo-like bubbles on the roof, according to TimeOut NY.

This is perfect news if you haven't been able to score a spot inside one of the igloos at 230 Fifth. It's been a big year for igloos/bubble things on rooftops.

The two bubbles are open now through March 31. A reservation isn’t needed, but you can reserve a private table inside one if you’d like. 

As we’ve mentioned before, the views are a tad warped through the plastic but you’ll be able to see the NYC Skyline.

Like an instagram filter that you can’t turn off. Yay? Nay? Hey, at least you're warm inside.


At least is that you can step out of the bubble dome for a bit to snag a few photos.

You’ll have access to the bar’s full menu of food and house-made cocktails, and you get stunning views of the Chrysler Building and Manhattan.

We'd recommend the Risky Fizzness cocktail from the menu, it's a treat!

They’re now open for the season, so if you’re ready to be vigilant in outdoor drinking and see what it’s like to briefly live the life of Bubble Boy, we ain’t stopping you!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy BedfordandBowery]