This Throwback NYC Steakhouse's Setting the Perfect Table for Valentine's Day Dinner

How many steakhouses have you walked into that scream in your face masculinity? 

The dark walls, the massive portion sizes, the leather clad booths... they're overwhelming men's clubs that not only don't exactly cater to women, but they make taking a date there feel so... outdated.

It's a welcome treat to enter a steakhouse with light, wooden floors, red walls, and an atmosphere that is just as appropriate for a classy Galentine's dinner as it is for a romantic evening for two—even a Valentine's Day dinner. 

Lincoln Square Steak & Club A Steakhouse both deviate from the stereotypical "boy's club" steakhouse, while providing impeccable food and quality service that surpasses even the most pretentious steakhouses in New York City, doing so with grace and class rather than... sleaze.

Got a bae you're trying to have a schmancy good night with February 14th? YAY! Love. Just looking to raise a glass to an incredible night on the town? More power to you. Whether you're toasting to the Upper West Side or the Upper East Side, check out Lincoln Square Steak or Club A Steakhouse

Both LSS and Club A deviate from the stereotypical "boy's club" steakhouse, while providing impeccable food and quality service that surpasses even the most pretentious steakhouses in New York City, yet doing so with grace and class rather than... sleaze. 

Have you ever thought of a steakhouse as the perfect date night? Probably not, as most steakhouses don't necessarily cater to the romance aspect of a date. Like, not sure why there aren't more Rom Coms dealing with this very issue. Can't we get a Melissa McCarthy Rom Com? 

Anyway, LSS goes above and beyond to make your evening magical. We're talking Unicorns and poetry, the fresh breath of baby Angels enveloping you in the world's softest blanket, feeding you tender, delicious meat. Bartenders on skates, and fountains of gold—gold you can eat.

Unlike the drafty, cold steakhouses we've come to associate with New York City, LSS's cozy, intimate space, where servers, bartenders, hosts, hostesses, piano players, back-wait, management—everybody,  really—go above and beyond to make your evening night one you'll never forget. 


Why does this spot seem so welcoming to both men and women? How did they do that? Like, did it just take a decent human being to attract the better parts of humanity in two different restaurants? 

It's partially because owner Bruno Selimaj works the main dining room like an absolute pro, but a pro in the definitive, foundational way possible. Along with his eldest son Arben, Selimaj works to continue the traditions of family hospitality, welcoming each guest and treating them as if he were members of his own family. 

They work in the hospitality industry—not the service or restaurant industry. 

Service: This is your order, and they will bring you the food and drink that you want. 

Hospitality: They are welcoming you to their home. There's warmth. There's care. 

It's also partially due to the fact that Lincoln Square Steak provides some of the highest quality cuisine available to New York City.

Some steakhouses are fine with selecting run of the mill meats, but the boys over at this Upper West Side steakhouse staple select top quality meats that they dry age themselves, allowing them full control over the meat preparation process, and giving the meat an extraordinary amount of flavor you just can't really replicate. 


Not a carnivore? Don't get it twisted and think you won't find your dream meal at a steakhouse. Their seafood selection is top notch. Whether you're looking for oven roasted Chilean sea bass, Wild King Salmon, or Brook Trout, you're in for a treat. A sea treat. 

Just be sure to leave room for their sides. This Valentine's Day, hit up their three-course dinner where you can savor small plates like Sizzling Canadian Bacon, Steak Tartare, or even some perfectly fried Calamari. 

But uh, save room for the real meat of it with your choice of seafood, half roasted chicken, hanger steak, Filet Mignon, or NY Strip.  Pair that with a side of their decadent five cheese truffle mac, garlic fries, creamed spinach, or potato puree. 

AND THEN save room for a dessert platter and champagne toast. 

So yes, we know, Valentine's Day is literally right around the corner and you need a truly special dinner to treat you and Bae right. Look no further than Lincoln Square Steak—and be sure to tell them we sent you. Or, just, you know. Look to your left. We're probably RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. 

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