Feast Your Hearts Out: 7 Best Places to Brunch on Christmas & New Year's Day in NYC

As Christmas and New Year's tick closer and closer, we think it's time to start considering what you'll be eating on those days.

You don't want to cook, do you? Yeah, we didn't think so. Since we've made impassioned pleas for you to get out and about on Christmas and New Year's days, we figured it'd be only fair for us to hit you up with some suggestions for where to brunch.

Isn't brunch the most essential part of the holidays?

You have to start 2016 off right, and you have to eat well on Christmas. We know those are two requirements for these holidays. 

That means doing so in a way that's both tasty and filling, that'll cure your hangover and get your year started off right. Read on to find out which brunch places in New York City are both open and most delicious for Christmas and New Year's days.


1. Norma's (119 West 56th Street)

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Norma's is the extremely delicious restaurant located in Le Parker Meridien Hotel which makes it entirely appropriate to dine in on Christmas Day; you'll be able to check out Le Parker Meridien's famous Gingerbread Extravaganza, on display until January 4th.

It features the one-of-a-kind New York-themed gingerbread creations, constructed by the hottest NYC chefs and bakeries.


Plus, there's the whole added detail that brunch at Norma's is wonderful. The caramel crunch French toast is the perfect balance of crispy and crunchy, and the bacon is cooked to an absurd degree of perfection-- not too crispy and not too soft.

Who wouldn't love some freshly squeezed orange juice, a breakfast quesadilla, and a festive atmosphere in Norma's for Christmas day? A reservation is the move. Others will have this idea.

2. Madison Restaurant (965 1st Avenue)

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Yes, Madison Restaurant is a diner. Here's the thing, though. It's a really, really good diner. It's one of the best diners in all of Manhattan because of its outstanding food. We know you know that's saying something.

We'll explain. The potatoes served with brunch are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The challah French toast is really special, and their regular French toast is huge, flavorful and soft. Plus, the corned beef hash combo will satisfy you thoroughly. 

An added bonus: the prices are pretty relaxed, and the restaurant itself is spacious, so you can roll in with your whole Christmas crew.

You know you're going to be hungry for Christmas brunch, and you're going to want big portions and tons of options. Let us tell you, for that criteria, Madison Restaurant is the move.

3. Balthazar (80 Spring Street)

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You should come to Balthazar for your Christmas Day brunch if, and only if, you want to be completely satisfied.

Oh, you do want that? Excellent. 

It's definitely on the pricey side, but that's just because it falls heavily on the delicious and fresh side too. We can guarantee you'll eat every bite of whatever you order. Balthazar's food is that phenomenal.


Their seared organic salmon is cooked perfectly, the steak frites are a standout, and the beef tartar is sweet and creamy. You also must try the eggs Norwegian, it's poached eggs with smoked salmon that'll blow your mind.

It's a nice, cozy, lovely brunch spot, and will fulfill all of your Christmas dreams. Make a reservation if you want to get seated on Christmas.

4. Essex (120 Essex Street)

essexnyc @EssexNYC

If you come to Essex it's because you want the perfect brunch. It's inexpensive, you'll get great food, and the cocktails will be flowing. The price of brunch includes three mimosas, screwdrivers, or bloody Marys.

The Mexican Matzo Brei at Essex is innovative and scrumptious, and it's got tortilla chips mixed in with the eggs. 

If you don't get the Mexican Matzo Brei, you should try the chicken-fried steak. It's equally phenomenal. Plus, the eggs Benedict at Essex will rock your world.

You definitely need to make a reservation at Essex for Christmas day, but it's definitely a lovely way to spend the most merry holiday of the year.


New Year's

5. Clinton Street Baking Company (4 Clinton Street)

sydneywollman Breakfast for three 💁🏻 This is just a really small table, I promise... #latergram #clintonstreetbakingcompany

Clinton Street Baking Company's typical brunch hours have been extended until 11 p.m. to celebrate the New Year. Isn't that sweet of them?

We're not kidding when we say that the blueberry pancakes are some of the best we've ever had. Plus, they've got this candied bacon that we drool over just thinking about, and a really astonishing plate of cheese grits.


Really, though, we don't think we'll ever get tired of those delicious, fluffy, amazing pancakes. We think they'd be a great way to eat your way into 2016. Wasn't your New Year's resolution to eat more delicious pancakes? Ours was.

The eggs are pretty great, too. The omelettes are replete with fluffy eggs, and really delicious carmelized onions. Clinton Street Baking Company is definitely where it's at for New Year's brunch.

6. The Smile (26 Bond Street)

thesmilenyc Brunch. 📷: @ediblemoments

Hopefully, if you're brunching at The Smile on New Year's, it'll bring you smiles. 

It's a pretty fancy spot with an absolutely splendid atmosphere. The maple thyme bacon at The Smile will make your entire year, and the fresh ricotta and cherry tomatoes on multi-grain toast. We weren't exaggerating about that "make your entire year" thing, either.

They also have truly phenomenal granola, some of the best in the whole city, and the manouri cheese and fig sandwich is really excellent. It's got a killer combination of flavors: truffle, fig, pear cheese, and arugula for the win. 

The sour dough toast is nothing to shake a stick at, either. We've also got to shout out that baguette French toast with strawberries as well as the buckwheat waffles. They come with real maple syrup, and that makes us swoon.

7. The Smith (various locations)

thesmithnyc it's an EGG-cellent day for AVOCADO TOAST #brunch

Have you had brunch at The Smith before? If not, you need to make that happen. The Smith is a happening brunch spot, and we have a feeling it'll set you straight for the New Year.

If you don't want to see your New Year's Day brunch as some huge omen for your entire year, you can see it as just another delicious meal. The food and atmosphere alike at The Smith are fantastic, and we can just see you sitting around a table with all your pals after a wild New Year's Eve.


As for the food, well, get ready to meet your new favorite brunch place. The Potato Waffle Benedict is absolutely delicious, as is the vanilla bean French toast. It comes with a side of applewood smoked bacon that might become your New Year's Resolution.

Like, your resolution might turn into eating more applewood smoked bacon. Make a reservation for The Smith on New Year's Day so you won't have to gamble about whether you'll get a table.

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