It’s a good time for retro junkies in New York. Vinyl, VHS, and cassettes are once again becoming popular.

We thought this would happen. It hasn’t surprised us that vinyl, VHS, and cassettes have undergone a renaissance. Okay, maybe cassettes surprised us a little bit.

But… pogs? We never imagined that they would make a comeback.

On August 31st, Brooklyn will become home to a store geared specifically towards buying, selling, trading, and playing with pogs.

Time Out reports that Brooklyn Pogs has all the gear necessary for nineties kids: pogs (lots of them), theme nights (on September 2nd, there’s an RSVP-only 80’s night karaoke), and a cereal bar.

Yeah, a cereal bar. It’ll cost you $5.99, and if Brooklyn Pogs plays their pogs right, they’ll have a liquor license to boot.

So break out your pogs, tell your friends to break out theirs, and play to find out who’s buying that first round of cereal, or, hopefully, drinks.


Of course, we’ll all have to remember how the hell we even played with pogs.


You can RSVP for opening night or 80’s night karaoke on Brooklyn Pogs’ facebook page here

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Brooklyn Pogs]