As spoiled New Yorkers, we're fans of the most choice slices and pies New York City has to offer. 

You may remember our guide to the best pizza in the City from over a year ago, in which we list Lucali, Roberta's, and of course Di Fara among others. 

And we're not alone.

The premiere of "The Pizza Show" on Munchies, hosted by Brooklyn's own Frank Pinello, touches on those three BK locations-- and it's great!

Watch as Pinello, along with Lucali owner and DIY pizza master Mark Iacono, tour Brooklyn on the prowl for amazing pies.

There is a disagreement over bocce, a Sicilian grandma's recipe for pizza, and arguably the best part is Pinello and Iacono's offering of soppressata at Di Fara, with Dom Di Fara himself. 

Munchies, if you didn't know, is part of VICELAND, which, if you didn't know, can be found on Sling TV. Sling TV is as close as you can get for only paying for the live TV you actually watch. Check out Sling TV right here.

But first, check out "The Pizza Show"-- but not on an empty stomach!


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