What makes Brooklyn, well, Brooklyn? Is it Biggie Smalls? Is it that hard accent? Is it an all-encompassing creativity? 

Well, director Spike Lee and his agency sought to make a video responding to that question.

Brooklyn is the most populous borough in New York City, and it’s also one of the most recognizable brands worldwide.

What it represents is different to every person, but to us it represents a mixture of eccentricity, inventiveness, and imagination. Brooklyn is a place where people will buy bags of air and rent out snow igloos on AirBnB, where you can fulfill all your passions amongst culinary excellence.

In Brooklyn, you can watch movies outside in the summer and drink alcohol in movie theaters in the winter. To us, the name Brooklyn represents cool, art, beauty, and grind-- all in one name.

What does it represent to Spike Lee and his Brooklyn-based ad agency Spike DDB?

“Brooklyn is a brand in a real way,” Spike DDB managing director Victor Paredes told Ad Week. “If we were to explore the development of that brand, what could marketing at large learn?”

Well, if you ask us, they pretty much nailed it in the video below, in tandem with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.


Paredes said the Chamber of Commerce has long been paying attention to brands co-opting the Brooklyn name as a threat to local businesses. As a result, they designed the “Brooklyn Made” certification process.

“We exposed them to the idea, they helped connect us to area businesses, and we interviewed them for research purposes while maintaining creative and content control over the piece,” Paredes said.

If you love Brooklyn, if you’re proud of the borough, if it means everything to you, watch the video below. It’s pretty great.

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[via Spike DBB/vimeo]