Ever notice how everyone goes crazy over a little bit of a green in this city?

When people know you have money, they expect you to pay for their bubble tea, when you have some 4/20, they somehow expect you to pay for their Mac n' Cheetos, and when you have a garden, everyone stares in wonderment asking you how you did it.

You probably got inspired by Brooklyn Grange's rooftop farm. Where they grow 50,000 pounds of organically-cultivated produces per year. That's straight up inspiring. But, how does the magic come to be?

A new time-lapse video shows just what the Brooklyn Grange's rooftop farm goes through every year.

The video starts in May and ends in November. You see the rooftop transform from, well, a boring rooftop to an actual garden.

It is quite the journey and it takes place all on top of a Brooklyn building next to a buzzing street.

Check out the whole stunning time-lapse video here.

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[via Brooklyn Grange Farm] [Feature Image Courtesy Brooklyn Grange Farm]