Sorry Williamsburg, you will no longer be the home of the Sunday Brooklyn Flea, after five years of dedication to the market. 

The Sunday market, which was formerly located at 50 Kent, will open in its new location beginning April 3rd. 

So where are the moving? 

Not too far, just up to Pearl Plaza in DUMBO, with space to house 75 vendors in the new space. 

The Sunday flea will take place in the historic area under the Manhattan Bridge. 

What is the Brooklyn Flea? Welcome to New York, transplant. 

The Brooklyn Flea is an awesome flea market selling handmade and vintage items and food rain or shine. 


Some of the vendors from the past included Alchemy Creamery, Dough, Huntress Home, Milk Truck, and Sheepshead Design

However, their Saturday market will remain at their Fort Greene location on 176 Lafayette Avenue. 

Brooklyn Flea is pretty dope no matter where it is. Of course, it being relatively closer to Manhattan is always a plus because who the hell knows what the L is ever thinking?

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[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]