There are only a few sections of the Brooklyn Bridge Park left undeveloped.

Better known as Pier 5, the area between Montague and Joralemon is right across from the One Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation has already begun construction on the 4.5 acres of Pier 5. According to Curbed NY, they have now released an updated rendering of what the project will look like upon completion. 

The plans show a multi-faceted park, with a lower level for activities and an upper level geared more towards relaxation.

The lower level will have a playground and soccer fields, while the upper level will include a shaded grove and waterfront seating. 

A few new buildings are going up as well; there will be a boathouse for the park's free community programs and another larger building for cool park operations like a horticulture lab!


As we know, parks are important community spaces that help build and support that NYC culture. 


We're looking forward to hanging out here this summer!

[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Curbed NY]