Say it ain't so!

As the summer cranks up into a full gear we've been saying hello to quite a few old friends - like the Astor Place Cube (someday...) and the 270-foot water slide - we must also say goodbye to some our favorite summer staples.

A tradition since 2012, Brooklyn Bridge Park's pop-up community pool will be coming back this week, and then leaving for good.

The pop-up pool will be back this Wednesday, June 29th, and will be open to the public until Labor Day.

Swimmers of all ages and experience levels are welcome to come swim at the public pool in 45-minute sessions to keep crowding to a minimum. 

The pool will be open from 10 a.m to 6 p.m, and will also provide a variety of affordable swimming classes.

The pool has been a much beloved summer favorite in Brooklyn for the past five years, and many have expressed distress at the lack of any kind of replacement for the pool in the years to come.

Recently, 35 families have come forth in support of keeping the pop-up pool around past Labor Day, or at least until a permanent pool is brought to the area.


City officials stated in a letter written January 5th that they are currently pursuing a permanent alternative to the pool.

Until official word is given on a permanent pool alternative, make sure you get out to Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoy this summer favorite before it leaves us for good. #THISISWHYWECANTHAVENICETHINGS

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[via DNA Info] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]