Do you love visiting the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg? Do you love getting buzzed off their delicious beer? 

We do too. The Brooklyn Brewery started as an abandoned old warehouse in 1996, and it's morphed into a true cultural destination over the last two decades.

However, Crain's reported that as a result of the potential seven year nights-and-weekends L train shutdown, the Brewery is looking at options to leave Williamsburg.

More specifically, the Brewery's management is considering relocating to the Navy Yard and Industry City. 

Eric Ottoway, Brooklyn Brewery's chief operating officer and general manager, said the brewery is looking for a space with as many as 60,000 square feet.

Most of Brooklyn Brewery's beer is brewed upstate in Utica New York, but obviously the company's Brooklyn location is essential to maintain, given that Brooklyn is what lends legitimacy to the brand.

Brooklyn Brewery brews most of its specialty beers at its Williamsburg location.


The Williamsburg locations isn't just a brewery, though. It's also got a tasting room, retail shop, and an opportunity for visitors to watch the process of brewing beer.

"What is tricky is finding a space where we can do the manufacturing but also have the retail be an important component," Ottaway said. "It's hard to find a neighborhood that has the level of visibility that Williamsburg has."

Would the Navy Yard or Industry City be an ideal location to satisfy both of these needs?

Well, both complexes are focusing on bringing in manufacturers with production facilities and the chance for customers to watch product creation.

Russ & Daughters recently signed a deal with The Navy Yard for the very same purpose. In Building 77 in the complex, they'll focus on both retail and food manufacturing. The bump in the road? Brooklyn Brewery still has nine years left on its Williamsburg lease.


"But we know our ability to renew is zero," Ottaway said. The reason? Obviously the climbing rents in Williamsburg.

Ottaway said the brewery has no clear timeline for the move, but could very well relocate before the end of the lease.

There are other developments within the brewery. They're working on relocating their brewing plant in Utica to a $70 million, 20,000-square-foot facility on Staten Island.

"We need to bring our manufacturing closer to the ports in the city," said Ottaway.

Will we be said to lose the Williamsburg location of Brooklyn Brewery? Certainly, but we're also glad we won't have to figure out how to get there in the absence of the L train.

Of course, Brooklyn Brewery has taken a little step back recently saying in their blog that their move was "greatly exaggerated." Eater reported that the company has taken a quite different stance stating, "A lot can happen in nine years, and we're not going to commit ourselves to predicting the future."

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[via Crain's New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]