This is how you throw a Welcoming Party!

This summer, Brooklyn is going to be the home to the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. The good folks at Alamo are throwing not one, not two, but three insane bangers and it is all free.

Alamo Drafthouse is known for creating memorable movie going experiences that makes going to the movies, well, absolutely enjoyable. They understand the profound effect movies have on people and strive to go above and beyond expectations.

Now they are letting you experience three once-in-a-lifetime movie events in Fort Greene Park before the new venue opens.

Seriously though. There's outdoor summer movie events in abundance. So many. 

These three movies, though, these are completely unique experiences no other summer movie series is offering. Check them out. 

May 27th - Best in Show


Bring your four-legged BFF to the classic mockumentary, Best in Show


Before the movie starts you can take a lap with furry friend and pretend you're in a dog show like Gerry Fleck. Afterwards give that pooch a treat and get ready for a great laugh.

June 3rd - Labyrinth



The David Bowie classic that was directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas and co-starred Jennifer Connelly. Talk about star power.

We know every time you watch this cult classic you wanna burst into song and now you can do it! 

Well, with Alamo's version you can quote and sing with the rest of the audience. Get there early for some goodies too.

June 10th - Finding Nemo

Remember: "Fish are friends, not food."

Wear your favorite fish costume and get ready to revisit this Pixar classic. Alamo timed this one perfectly. The sequel, Finding Dory, will be coming out June 17th so this is the best way to revisit all your food - we mean friends. 


Welcome to the neighborhood, Alamo Drafthouse. You already won us over and we cannot wait to see what else you got up your sleeves.

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[via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema] [Feature Image Courtesy Brokelyn]