So right about now, zip-lining sounds like pure freezing-air-in-your-face hell, we get it. 

But remember: soon enough, it'll be Summer again, and we're gearing up for a repeat of last year's sweltering heat.

Seriously, you'll be happy to have the Bronx Zoo's new zip line already listed on your Summer 2017 bucket list.

The zip line will send you down from the west bank of the Bronx River, then another wire will return you back to where you started. 

If you're zen enough to take in your surroundings, you'll be getting an up close view of the river's wetlands, which serve as a layover area for migrating birds.

As reported by Time Out NY, the 375 foot wire is elevated 45 feet off the ground, which is level to the treetops of the zoo's 265- acre forest.


The ride is technically for ages 7 and up, but if you want to stick to the Bug Carousel, we don't blame you, that is a looong ride.

DNAInfo also reports that the zoo also plans to install a kid-friendly, netted adventure course called Nature Trek, as well. The Nature Trek will feature a treehouse where children can learn about how animals live, by building nests, burrowing tunnels, and making tracks in sand.


via DNAInfo

This will be an excellent addition to the parks' activities, because it's definitely not just city children who could use some more nature in their lives.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy DNAInfo]