We love penguins. And if you didn't love penguins before, Happy Feet probably turned you into a fan. Then again, that movie is depressing AF. So it might have made you more of an anti-human human than it did pro-penguin. 

But if you still don't love penguins, this will melt your heart. Unless you're heartless.  

May 10th brought the cutest little gift to The Bronx Zoo: a baby penguin.

It is now exhibiting this penguin chick, which, as reported by CBS, has never before happened in the zoo’s 120-year history. These little fellas are known as blue penguins or, our favorite, fairy penguins.

They’re the smallest of all 18 penguin species, and possibly the cutest. Adults reach only about 13 inches in height and weigh a maximum of 3 pounds.

The rest of the penguin colony was hatched in Sydney, at the Taronga Zoo and was transferred to New York as part of a breeding program.


The Wildlife Conservation Society says the Bronx Zoo is in turn supporting Taronga Zoo’s little penguin conservation programs, which are in Sydney Harbor.

You can see the cuteness for yourself in the video below. Better yet, go visit the zoo and see for yourself!

[via CBS] [Feature Image Courtesy Youtube]