This Tuesday, give back by registering to run a race through the Bronx Zoo.

We know what you're thinking... that's the sealiest thing you've ever heard! Get otter here!!!

On April 29, the Bronx Zoo will host Run for the Wild, a 5k that raises money for the Wildlife Conservation Society. 

We told you, it's trewe (Are we having a little too much fun right now? Probably.).

According to TimeOut NY, there will also be a beer garden– is there any reason to go running if you're not gonna go drinking after?– and free admission to the zoo after you finish the race!

If you're more of a tortoise than a hare, and competition (or running, for that matter) isn't your thing, you can also participate in a walking portion of the race. 

Wow, it's looking better and better.


No specific koalafications are required. You can register for the race here


Heads up, Run for the Wild was completely sold out last year, and registration may very well be closed by the day of the event. So hop to it!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy D Guides]