The saddest thing in life is still wasted talent.

A Bronx Tale is a classic in the genre of mob movies. It was first a one-man show in a Off-Broadway production by the man who starred in the movie, Chazz Palminteri. Palminteri also wrote the play that was inspired by his early life in the Bronx.

It was then picked up by Robert De Niro who starred and also directed the film marking the first time he was behind the camera.

It is a classic story of the struggle to find out what is right and wrong in this crazy world and it looks like the film is coming back to the stage...but with singing.

Robert De Niro will be heading to Broadway with stage veteran Jerry Zaks to co-direct a musical version of The Bronx Tale.

The musical already premiered in New Jersey in February and was met with much acclaim. Now, it looks like they are taking the hard-hitting story to the big stage next year.

Music was composed by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater who both worked on Tangled and the stage version of the Little Mermaid. Disney to the mafia? That is quite the quantum leap in show business.


Previews start on November 3rd at the Longacre Theatre and the show is set to officially begin on December 1st.

Hope you enjoy your stay in New York City, The Bronx Tale Musical, because now yous can't leave.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]