This Hip Hop Museum Is Finally Coming to the Bronx

Hip hop fans, perk up your ears! There's finally an institution to learn and celebrate hip hop culture in the works!

According to co-chairman and rap legend Kurtis Blow, the Universal Hip-Hop Museum that has been trying to set up shop in the Bronx for four years now has finally found a place to call home. 

That place will be on the first two floors of Bronx Point, a massive multipurpose building that will be emerging along the Hudson River just south of Yankee Stadium. 

The project will also include affordable housing and a ton of other awesome public spaces, among them a new waterfront esplanade, an outdoor performance space, and a state of the art multiplex theater.

Via The Architect's Paper

This musical endeavor will be backed by some heavyweights like LL Cool J and Ice-T, so we’re sure it won’t disappoint! Planned highlights include a recording studio, a virtual graffiti wall and dozens of photos and records highlighting the music genre’s growth.

It will also feature tons of hands-on, immersive experiences designed to evoke hip hop's 70s renaissance, including a DJ booth where you can practice spinning records, an interactive recording studio for your own original rhymes, and a graffiti station that projects creations drawn on an iPad.

Though development will begin immediately, the museum itself won’t be open until 2022. But if you’re really passionate about helping get this project off the ground, you can donate at or at the museum’s website.

In the meantime, you can keep your hype going by keeping an eye out for their virtual museum, which will be coming soon in App form to an Android or iOS near you. 

Sounds pretty fly!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via AM NY] 

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