Affordable housing’s all the rage these days. Or rather, it’s getting all the rage; some local residents aren't too pleased with our Mayor.

Mayor De Blasio and friends have been attempting to improve and provide affordable housing with their Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Policy.

The Bronx will be the latest recipient of almost a thousand apartments, after the City Council approved the decision on Wednesday.

Curbed NY reports that the Bronx will get 992 apartments divided over five buildings in a project they’ve called La Central.

Prices will range from $640 a month to $2,780 a month. The price on the affordable housing has dropped some $430, as the apartments used to cost $1,070 a month.

Similarly, the council’s lowered the qualifying limit. 

A family of three previously had to possess an annual income of $38,850, but now families could qualify for affordable housing if they’re making $23,310 annually.


They’ll also put in a YMCA, a skate park (for all you Rocket Power fans out there), and an observatory for the Bronx High School of Science.

That could be a pretty cool way to spend evenings at the apartment, checking out the stars. Here’s hoping tenants can use the observatory.  

[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]