The future of the Broadway stage is here. Now. On your computer. 

It's called BroadwayHD, and it's about to change the way the world digests New York City's most famous, most illustrious, most lucrative theater business. 

"When we first started this project, I wasn't sure that it could translate," said Don Roy King, BroadwayHD's director. "Performances were a little too large. They were designed for the back row, and on a close-up it was a little off-putting."

After seeing the brilliance of bringing Broadway to people's homes, projected in high definition on computer screens throughout the world? 

"I was wrong," King said. 

King's job? To put full focus where the stage directions intended. BroadwayHD's job? To extend the reach of Broadway and Broadway caliber shows to everyone, everywhere.

"You get to sit in the best seats in the house. Sometimes seats that don't exist. So, it is a valid theatrical experience. Not the same, but valid," King said.

We're all about Broadway's immersive, enchanting value. We're not worried about that diminishing. We don't expect BroadwayHD could ever replace live Broadway anymore than elevators could ever replace stairs.


At live Broadway, you you're there, in the room, feeling emotions with the actors and with everyone in the audience around you. You're also usually paying upwards of the triple digits for a ticket.

With BroadwayHD? You can pay to watch per show, or you can pay $14/month for unlimited access to more than 120 shows in a variety of genres. Plus, you can watch from the comfort of your home, whether that home is in Brooklyn, New York or Brooklyn, Oregon.

You intrigued? We are, too. We think the whole idea is pretty cool. Watch the video below to learn more, and check out BroadwayHD's site here.

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