Great news ahead for the theater connoisseur who's watching their wallet! First, Broadway Week is approaching. 

This yearly deal allows audience members to purchase discounted tickets at for performances during a two week period running from September 4th through the 17th.

It spans 21 of 27 of the shows currently on Broadway– unfortunately, the much sought after Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen aren't among them. Woe. 

But if you're interested in catching some of this season's other gems, like 1984, A Doll's House Part 2, and War Paint, you're in luck!

Potential buyers should also beware that these seats tend to be in dicier areas like the balcony or rear mezzanine, and that at least two tickets for each show must be purchased. 


If you're into some edgier shows and some even cheaper tickets, 25 Off-Broadway productions are spicing things up with the 20 day program 20at20, which offers $20 tickets to theatregoers who show up 20 minutes before curtain. 

Best bets include dependable New World Stages' offerings Puffs, Avenue Q, and A Clockwork Orange, as well as some critically acclaimed picks like The Violin and The Suitcase Under the Bed


So get ready to put on your evening best and enjoy discounts on some of the greatest theatre New York has to offer– just remember to heed the pre-show announcement and turn off your cellphone!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Time Out] 

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