There Are Better Ways to Learn About Wine You Love Than from Your Pretentious Uncle

There's a distinct spectrum of wine drinkers. Some of us order the house red or white because that just feels safer than mispronouncing anything on the wine list. Some of us simply take whatever's handed to us and don't ever really let on whether we like what's been given. 

We love rosé in the summer, champagne or prosecco when the occasion calls for it, and then like, whatever's reasonably priced and isn't a wine we distinctly remember hating from a night we decided to "get adventurous" and experiment with something.

Thanks to Bright Cellars, we never have to feel completely lost or pretend to know something about wine—without actually knowing anything at all—ever again. 

Bright Cellars is a curated monthly wine subscription sending you wines suited to your tastes matched through a unique algorithm carefully crafted by a couple of MIT grads that simply want you to know what you like without having to endure the stuffiness of endless wine education.  

Bright Cellars is a curated monthly wine subscription that matches you with wine based on your unique taste. The company's MIT co-founders built an algorithm to pair you with wine, so that you can find wines you'll love without drinking ones that you don't.

All you have to do is take the Bright Cellars Taste Palate Quiz to reveal your personal wine matches. It’s super easy: you’ll be asked questions like what type of chocolate you prefer, how you take your iced tea, your favorite cocktail, etc.


Then, the algorithm scores each wine in their inventory by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences. Each month you’ll receive four unique wines that you’re guaranteed to love. If not, your personal Wine Concierge (yes, that’s a real thing) will help you find the perfect replacement bottle; but we doubt that will happen.

Oh, and because you're friends and/or fam of the spoiled fam, you can take 50% off your first shipment.

What’s more, you get to rate their wine matches each month, helping the wine algorithm (why wasn’t this a thing we studied in math class?) continuously update your taste profile and ensure you’re always receiving wines you love.

The Wine Concierge Team is what really sets Bright Cellars apart. The team is made up of incredibly educated and knowledgeable wine lovers, and they work thoroughly with each member to ensure that they’re actually enjoying their experience. 

Your personal Wine Concierge will assist in updating your order frequencies, adjusting your taste profile, suggesting food pairings, and selecting replacement bottles for future orders.

Basically, the folks at Bright Cellars are passionate about vino and actually know what they’re talking about, and they give you the tools—or just the wines—so you know what you like and why you like it, and get it right to your door so you don't ever have to wonder where to find it. 

Check out Bright Cellars. Discover new wines you've not only never tried, but wines you'll actually love. 

Take the Bright Cellars Palate Quiz! Oh, and Because You're Fam, You Get 50% Off Your First Shipment.

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