New Yorkers could be seeing yet another toll upon to their commutes.

The Move New York Fair Plan, which was proposed more than a year ago, was introduced to legislation on Wednesday, and now requires a Republican to introduce it to the Senate, as reported by Crain's.

If passed, the Move New York Fair Plan would create tolls to all East River crossings (such as the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges) and reduce tolls on some of the outer borough crossings (like the Throgs Neck Bridge and Triborough Bridge). 

The tolls, which would be standardized to $5.54 with an E-Z Pass or $8 for vehicles without an E-Z Pass. 

Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez (D-Manhattan) stated that the "legislation provides a sustainable revenue source, reduces congestion, equalizes our tolling system and injects $4.5 billion into transit expansion and accessibility projects throughout the five boroughs."

The money collected from the tolls would generate a little less than $1 billion to be allocated to mass transit, according to Curbed.


The Move New York Fair Plan is the latest plan proposed to deal with the congested traffic and significant gap in infrastructure funding, as the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Queensborough bridges don't have a designated influx of funding. 

Though the plan was supported by the City Council last year, it still has an uphill battle in the legislature. 

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[via Crain's New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]