As if Bushwick couldn't get anymore Bushwick.

This summer, a Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop will open at 65 Irving Avenue in Bushwick, the first U.S. extension of a shop that currently exists in Istanbul. 

No, we're not joking.

Owner Deniz Kosan originally planned to open up shop in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, but given that whole L train shutdown thing, was forced to relocate to an area accessible by more train lines. 

The establishment, named Walter's, set to open by the end of June, will roast its own coffee, as well as serve pastries like apple pie, chocolate cake, and even pancakes. 

It'll also be fully decked out in chemistry paraphernalia to honor the hit TV show. You can expect coffee to be served in beakers, employees to be wearing HazMat suits, and periodic table designs on the walls.

We have yet to get a glance at the full menu, but we're hoping that Walter's takes advantage of the many opportunities for Breaking Bad puns. 


Seriously, would they consider renaming the place Breaking Bread? Serve Walter Flat Whites? Perhaps a Bryan Cran-berry Muffin? Maybe we'll hear stellar things about their vegetarian menu, featuring the Kale Boetticher.

Maybe they'll get super in-depth with the jokes. Launch a coffee truck called "The Crystal Ship," have bathroom signs that say, "I am the one who knocks... you should too," maybe even a blue beverage called the "Crystal Blue Persuasion."

We can only hope, but the opportunities are endless. 


via Facebook - Walter's Coffee Roastery

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