Westchester native Peter Berkowitz was fed up with the housing situation in New York City, so he moved into what's basically a box in his friend's living room. 

Rent on that spacious room? $400 per month.

Now, in San Francisco as in NYC, $400 per month is a steal-- even if it is a box. We've seen people pay hundreds more for a "loft room" in BK that's about the same size, for sure. 

But he seems to have the system down, making a private space that's 8-feet long by 4.5 feet wide seem sleek and cozy, as long as you're not afraid of suffocating. 

Berkowitz calls his box a pod, because calling it a box would make it seem way less awesome. Check out his short video below to get it straight from the horse's mouth.

He has room for a bed, a desk and even some fresh lighting. Why don't more people do this?


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[via AM New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Youtube]