Summer is here, and eating outdoors does in fact make the food taste better. Plus, eating with friends makes it all the more better.

When you live in New York City there are plenty of food markets to check out. You've got these great indoor ones, the classic-but-insane Eataly, and hopefully, one day, Anthony Bourdain will finish his insane food market on Pier 57.

But, what if you want something new and that is actually open? A place where there is a diverse menu for you and your friends? Well, look no further than Bowery.

The Bowery Market opens up today and it will be a year-round food market that will feature The Butcher's Daughter, Pulqueria, and famed sandwich spot Alidoro.

Those three not doing it for ya? Well, what's wrong with you, first of all? And second, there's also Sushi On Jones, and then there's Champion Coffee for when you need your caffeine fix.

While the food is already absurdly unique, what makes this place really cool is where the food will be prepared. 

There are these "mini-houses" of sorts in the market. You'll be able to sit on a counter or around the cute little houses too savoring every bite of Alidoro's new heated sandwiches.

You can find these little homes cookin' up some deliciousness at 348 Bowery where a former auto-body shop used to be.


Summer was made for eating good and feeling even better with friends. 


It's no mistake that the Bowery Market opened in summer because they truly want that summer feel throughout the year.

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