This is probably even worse than another delay.

Anthony Bourdain's planned international food hall at Pier 57 has been nothing but delays as of late, but it was understandable, as Bourdain explained that the many extended delays were a result of having to acquire the proper visas for the international chefs.

However, an investigation led by Eater NY has revealed that Bourdain's company has not actually signed a lease with Pier 57 yet.

Without a lease, how could they possibly start making progress on this massive project?

Stephen Werther, head of the Bourdain Market, confirmed to Eater NY that they had yet to sign a lease with Pier 57.

Instead, Bourdain and his partners have only received a letter of intent, which is not a legally binding contract, thus they don't have any legal claim to the space.

Bourdain and his partners had previously looked into other locations for the massive international food hall.

Their back up option was 155,000 square feet worth of space at the Gansevoort Market, but Werther denied that they were still pursuing Gansevoort as a possible option.

A project of this magnitude is undoubtedly going to run into a wide array of obstacles, but it seems like Bourdain has encountered more obstacles than successes when it comes to this food hall.

We're hoping he'll address further developments on the project at his liveshow in Brooklyn this November, but right now we're hungry for details.


With no lease there's the possibility that this food hall could never exist.

With all the hype surrounding this project, it would be a real disappointment to see it go down before it even began.

Here's hoping some contracts get signed ASAP, so we can start seeing some real progress on this project that we all really want to see come to life.

Check out Bourdain Liveshow in Brooklyn.

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