It's looking like the hyped up Pier 57 international food market, helmed by famed chef Anthony Bourdain, is once again being delayed.

We talked about how the market was expected to open in 2017 but now it looks like foodies all over the world are going to have to wait even longer for the market.

On the official website, the Bourdain Market is now set to open in 2019.

No official word yet as to why another delay has plagued the much talked about market place, but we can only imagine it's because the world renowned chef wants everything to be perfect.

In the words of Anthony Bourdain: "This is New York. Sh*t gets delayed. All. The. Time."

But, you'll be able to download the official Pier 57 Market app - because everything needs an app these days - sometime in January, where updates on the market's development will be posted frequently. 


According to the information on the markets website, people will be able to "learn about our food partners from around the world" through the app.


Well, we understand sh*t gets delayed, but this is getting a bit outta hand. You don't have to give us a concrete date but at least give us a concrete year so we can start expanding our palates (and stomachs).

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]