Remember when we told you about how Anthony Bourdain was set to create a food hall in Pier 57

As more details and photo renderings have emerged, we've been getting more and more excited for Mr. Bourdain's market. 

It seems as Anthony Bourdain loves to play with our emotions and flirt with our stomachs as he announced a list of ten dishes he wants to be included in his market. 

The list was shared by Bourdain through The List App, though the official Bourdain Market Instagram has been sharing images of potential culinary inspiration behind the future menu of the market. 

Bourdain's list, entitled, "Food I'm Thinking About," gives the description of potential options for the marketplace. 

Bourdain writes that these are "[dishes] from my travels that I want, badly for my eventual market in NYC. These are the dishes as prepared by the original vendors, that we need and deserve."

Eater reports that the Bourdain Market will be comprised of over 100 vendors from around the world, as well as local vendors, so it's not a far stretch that we could see some of these dishes in NYC when the market opens in a year and a half. 

Check out all of the dishes below. 


1. Hainanese Chicken Rice - Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore) 

bourdainmarket market scouting: hainanese chicken rice from #tiantian #singapore | photo by @eclam34 | #bourdainmarket

2. Bun Thai - The Lunch Lady (Vietnam)

bourdainmarket market scouting: the monday special Bún Thái from the legendary Lunch Lady #Vietnam | photo by @thazeri | #bourdainmarket

3. Beef Brisket with Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup - Mak's Noodle Shop (Hong Kong)

bourdainmarket scouting: beef brisket and shrimp wonton noodle soup from #maksnoodle #hongkong | photo by @ameliatanudirjo | #bourdainmarket

4. Char Kway Teow - Hill Street Kway Teow (Singapore)

bourdainmarket scouting: char kway teow (chinese sausage, cockles, flat noodles and crispy pork cracklings with beaten egg) from #singapore | photo by @bbq.foodie | #bourdainmarket

5. BBQ Pork and Roast Goose - Joy Hing Roasted Meat (Hong Kong)

bourdainmarket scouting: bbq pork and roast goose from #joyhing #hongkong | photo by @ivys_life | #bourdainmarket

6. Cod and Octopus Ceviche Tostada - La Guerrerense (Mexico)

bourdainmarket cod and octopus ceviche tostada with salsa of dried chiles, peanuts, avocado, and a guacamole blended with chile serrano from #laguerrerense #ensenada | photo by @streetgourmetla | #bourdainmarket

7. Sarawak Laksa - Choon Hui Cafe (Malaysia)

bourdainmarket scouting: laksa from #sarawak | photo by @annekuek | #bourdainmarket

8. Geylang Claypot Rice - 639 Geylang Claypot Rice Lor 33 (Singapore)

bourdainmarket scouting: geylang claypot rice #singapore | photo by @star_la | #bourdainmarket

9. Wite Pepper Crab - JB Ah Meng (Singapore)

bourdainmarket scouting: white pepper crab #singapore #jbahmeng | photo by @bing_leow | #bourdainmarket

10. Michelin-starred dim sum - Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong) 

bourdainmarket scouting: michelin-starred dim sum #timhowan #hongkong | photo by | #bourdainmarket

Check out These Brand New Renderings of How Anthony Bourdain's Massive Market Will Look. 

[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Curbed NY]